A Life of Purpose: Abubakarra's Story

Published Wed, Apr 24, 2024
Written by Dana Kaltenberger



“Before coming to EduNations Hope Academy, I was a drug addict and a fanatic Muslim who always condemned Christianity as a fake religion.”

Abubakarra was one of 14 children in his family.  His father had 4 wives.  After his mother passed away, his dad became involved in selling drugs for additional income, opening the door for Abubakarra to become an addict.  Abubakarra shares his story of life transformation by the grace of God through the work and ministry of EduNations.

“My first week at EduNations boarding home was very difficult, especially when they don’t allow their students to be involved in drug taking. To the glory of God, He showed me mercy one Sunday morning when I refused to attend service on that day because I pretended to be sick. The grace of God located me on that day, and my life was transformed completely. Through EduNations, I received the greatest gift in the world. God has helped me to know Him as Lord and personal Saviour and His purpose for my life on earth.


My educational life has been impacted so much, I’m grateful to God and EduNations for the gift of free quality education and quality meals 3 times daily.

Upon graduating from high school I want to study theology, I had realized that God has called me into ministry work from the day of my encounter with Him at EduNations hope academy boarding home which I am convinced and persuaded of, and I want to live in fulfillment of my purpose on earth.

I want to give thanks and appreciation to God, EduNations and partners for impacted my life spiritually and academically. Please remember me in prayers for God’s salvation in the life of my family members, especially my Dad.

Also please pray with me that God will reveal Himself more to me and gives me sufficient grace in my work with Him here on earth, especially when I had decided to change my course of study from Law to theology.Thanks for igniting hope through me.” – Abubakarra Sidique Fullah, SSS3


Education leads to life transformation. 

Educate Children.  Ignite Hope.  Transform Lives.