Be the One Who Sponsors - Isata’s Life Impacted for Good

Published Wed, Jun 28, 2023
Written by Sarah Pietryga

Isata Kamara is an SSS2 (11th grade) student who is currently attending EduNations Senior Secondary Boarding School. Isata started attending EduNations when she was in SSS1. 

Prior to coming to EduNations, education was hard for Isata. She lived in a poor village and her parents spent their days farming in order to earn a living. They wanted Isata to receive an education, so they sent her to the local school, but she was often sent home because they could not afford the school fees that were required. This typically resulted in Isata joining her parents on the farm in order to try and earn extra income to pay for her education. 

When Isata and her family heard about EduNations, their lives were changed. Isata joined the EduNations Senior Secondary School and was able to attend high school for free, live on campus, and receive three nutritious meals every day. Upon enrolling at EduNations, Isata realized just how quality the education she was receiving was as compared to the last school she had attended. 

In 2023, Isata was delighted to find out that she had received a sponsor from the US, Paige Davis, who would cover the cost of her education and feeding at the boarding school. Paige had just recently returned from a trip to Sierra Leone, where she had the opportunity to see the senior secondary school and meet Isata personally. 

Being sponsored by Paige has impacted Isata’s life tremendously. She felt as if a weight was lifted off her shoulders and it motivated her to give her all in her academic studies. “I’m very blessed to have Paige Davis as my sponsor,” says Isata. “She is a woman with courage, empathy, and compassion, and she has impacted me a lot. She has helped me to know the real meaning of life and she is my mentor. I admire her so much.”

Thank you, Paige, for “being the one” to make a difference in Isata’s life!