Bikes Help Students Get to School!

Published Wed, Oct 26, 2022
Written by Sarah Pietryga

Although EduNations 15 schools are in 6 villages in remote Sierra Leone, many of our children come from villages that are even farther away, some travelling 3 to 6 miles each way to get to school each day.

To help these students, EduNations collaborates with the Village Bicycle Project to provide bicycles to make the journey faster and easier. This school year, 98 bicycles were distributed to children in these farther off villages. The expected result, besides having children happy to ride instead of walk, is to have improved attendance, reduced tardiness, and students arriving less tired and ready to learn.

This is an example of how EduNations can partner with other expert non-profits to help our students succeed! Thanks to any of you who have supported this initiative!