Community Engagement Meetings Spark Hope of Ending FGM

Published Wed, May 29, 2024
Written by Dana Kaltenberger

Community Engagement.jpg

A community engagement meeting was held on May 12th with the two communities (Mapainda and Mayatta) in Ngowhum chiefdom, Bombali District.

The engagement meet was graced by various partners, The Ministry of Gender and Children Affairs, The National Children Commission, The Bombali District Council, Commit and Act Foundation, Rainbow Initiative and Children Forum Network, representatives from the paramount chief from Ngowhum chiefdom, head man, women leaders, youth leaders, parents, teachers, and students of EduNations Hope Academy School.

The key focus of the engagement meeting was to address the various challenges within our various schools such as

  • The effect of early marriage on school going girls
  • Various laws on rape and sexual penetration
  • Roles and duties of the community stakeholders in ending FGM (female genital mutilation) within the two communities
  • The negative impact of the shows (dance)

One of the greatest challenges was that of the language barriers between the community people and that of the various partners.

The engagement meeting was indeed a success, based on the various discussion during the engagement, the community stakeholder and parents said if there is any alarm or case wherein an EduNations students within the two communities (Mapainda and Mayatta) is been initiated in to any form of FGM (Bondo society), and also if any student from EduNations attend a show or dance during school hours should be expelled from the school.

The parents ask us to prepare a written documents wherein they will sign, as a form of agreement between them as parent, community stakeholders and the school administration.

The meeting was indeed fruitful. The community stakeholders and parents where very pleased, and we were highly welcomed. They were so happy about the engagement meeting because they said it was for the betterment of their children. 

 Zainab Conteh.jpg

“As a parent from Mayatta community with four girls am so happy about the community engagement meeting.

I was part of the Bondo society as a woman, and I know the challenges that I have faced in life during childbirth and other complications. I am so happy that EduNations are protecting our children” said Mrs. Zainab Conteh.

“As head man of Mabolleh village, I want to say thank you to EduNations for educating our children and promise to work with the various schools’ administration in other to put an end to all the issues affecting the schools “said Mr. Thaimu Kanu. Thaimu Kanu.jpg 
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“The community engagement was indeed an eye opener to the students, teachers, parents, and community stakeholders.

As many of these parents are illiterate, telling them about the basic right and responsibilities of the parent and as well as their children helps them to have some knowledge on Child Rights Act, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) etc.,” said Mr. Samuel Conteh teacher at EduNations Hope Academy Junior Secondary Mapainda.


 One of our future goals for community engagement meeting is to have the presence of the paramount chief of Ngowhum chiefdom.