EduNations Library Receives Books and Furniture

Published Wed, Jun 29, 2022
Written by Sarah Pietryga

EduNations seeks to provide comprehensive education to children in under-resourced communities. To reach this end, we equip our students with all that they need in order to be successful in the classroom, including school supplies, uniforms, healthcare, and more. When planning for the building of the Senior Secondary School, we decided that we wanted to build a library in order to provide a place where students could borrow books and find a quiet place to study. Working with students in the remote part of the country, the school library has been an instrumental tool in the learning process of our students since parents cannot afford to buy books. 

After it was first built, the library was stocked with books and furniture, and thanks to a recent generous donation, we were able to provide additional books and furniture to make our library even better. At a formal ceremony, we received 10 cartons of books, ranging from fiction books to non-fiction reference books, biographies, craft books, poetry, and more. In addition, EduNations provided chairs, tables, and bookshelf dividers in order to promote a space where students can comfortably study and read. 

Our students and teachers were thrilled about the donations of books and furniture, stating things like, 

“It provides us with quality fiction and non-fiction books that encourage us to read more for pleasure and enrich our intellectual, cultural, social, and emotional growth.”

“This makes it easy for us to learn and grasp [concepts] faster.” 

“It provides teachers the access to professional development, relevant information, and reference material to plan and implement effective learning programs.”

Many thanks to the board and donors of EduNations and Book Aid International for providing these resources.