Local Organization Donates Books

Published Wed, Mar 29, 2023
Written by Sarah Pietryga

Easy access to books is critical for children to learn and for teachers to develop curriculum and continue to learn themselves. While easy access to reading materials is common for children in western countries, less than one in six children in the country of Sierra Leone have this access and almost no one in the poor, remote communities served by EduNations. 

Since less than 25% of Sierra Leone’s people have access to electricity (i.e., electric light to read, let alone access to internet resources) students can’t study after dark. And since most of the adults in the remote villages never learned to read themselves, they couldn’t help their children with their studies anyway. Without intervention like EduNations schools, the odds are stacked heavily against the kids in these remote villages.

In line with EduNations’ vision to provide free, quality education to children in remote communities, it was decided five years ago to construct the Hope Academy in Rokassa including space for a library for the thousand students and staff in Rokassa, also the most central of the six villages served by EduNations schools.

We are grateful to collaborate with the Sierra Leone Book Trust which has donated 1,234 books to the EduNations Hope Academy Library in Rokassa. Today, the children in the Primary, Nursery and Secondary school have a broad variety of books from which they can choose thanks to your support of EduNations and the generosity of the Sierra Leone Book Trust.