EduNations Staff Benefits from Christian Camp Training

Published Wed, Aug 31, 2022
Written by Sarah Pietryga

Summer camps are broadly recognized for their positive impact on young people and Christ-centered camps can have a much deeper impact. But till very recently, such camps were simply not known in Sierra Leone.

Recognizing Christian camps as a key opportunity in the spiritual formation of our students,

EduNations partnered with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) to conduct camps again this summer. To promote the effectiveness of the camps, 40 EduNations staff received training from Christian Camping International whose long experience in teaching others how to make each camp as positive as possible.

The training of our teachers is an example of EduNations’ commitment to continuing to develop our staff as well as our commitment to the comprehensive development of our students. The staff that participated has now added significantly to their skills in serving as camp workers in our annual camps. 

Since conducting the camps is such a major undertaking, the camps have only been offered every other year, which makes students value their participation even more highly. It’s exciting that about 600 students got to participate this year! The stories from campers and counselors were a testament to how marvelous it was to so many.

Thanks to all of you who support these camps!