EduNations Staff Development: New Finance and Admin & HR Officers Announced

Published Wed, Nov 30, 2022
Written by Sarah Pietryga

A key to EduNations’ success has been hiring the best, most qualified candidates available combined while continuing to encourage professional growth and development in our staff.

Having demonstrated success in their previous responsibilities, EduNations President Dr. Samuel Sesay was pleased to announce two promotions: Michael Jude Conteh as Finance Officer and Isatu Dumbuya Administrative & HR Officer. 

Michael Jude Conteh had served as a teacher since graduating from high school in 2008, but while teaching at both junior and senior levels completed university training in accountancy. Chosen in 2021 to teach at the Senior Secondary School, Mr. Conteh also led EduNations’ Accounting Department so well that he earned appointment as Finance Officer.

Isatu Dumbaya, a lifelong Freetown city-girl, joined EduNations in 2021 with the challenge of establishing a library at EduNations’ Hope Academy in Rokassa. Converting an empty room into a fully functioning library meant working with donor partners to secure books and furniture, in addition to the work of organizing and cataloging the books and other resources for ready use by students and teachers. A highlight has been the creation of the “Larry’s Children” corner of the library which has been a center of fun and story-telling along with development of reading and writing skills. Ms. Dumbaya demonstrated such skill in working with and organizing others that she earned appointment as Administrative Officer.

We wish Mr. Conteh and Ms. Dumbaya every success in their new roles.