EduNations Students Attend Youth Camp in Rokassa

Published Tue, Dec 26, 2023
Written by Dana Kaltenberger



During the holiday break, EduNations students had the opportunity to attend a Youth Camp presented by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Sierra Leone (EPCSL).  788 students (ages 6-18) and 66 counselors gathered in Rokassa for the 5-day camp that centered on the theme “Dry Bones Shall Rise Again” (Ezekiel 37:1–5). The theme reminds us of the days of the prophet Ezekiel when under judgment, God’s people were shown mercy and restoration through the work of the Holy Spirit and God’s servants, the Prophet. Today the church and the world have failed God, but He is saying, as in the days of Ezekiel, He has the power to raise an army of believers. EPC Sierra Leone chose this theme as way of reminding the young generation to their responsibility of knowing and returning to God. 




The goals for the students at this year’s youth camp are:

  • To encounter Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Saviour.
  • To show forth their different talent in various areas (Bible quiz, singing competition, Sword up and variety show}
  • To meet with old friends and make new friends. 

The relationship between EPCSL and EduNations dates back for over 13 years and started as Christian teachers of EduNations in rural communities decided to start having Christian fellowship meetings in 100% Muslim communities. Those fellowship meetings were initially intended to just serve as a place where Christians can get to pray together, study their Bibles and be in fellowship with one another, but as they grew, the need arose for them to become churches. As a result the EPC planted churches in each of EduNations 6 communities and has trained pastors to lead each local body of believers.

This year’s youth camp is a clear demonstration of how EduNations and the EPCSL collaborate to bring about holistic development in the lives of the students and their communities. EduNations provided all the counselors while the EPC provided the facilitators. This year also as a way of collaboration the youths from various EPC churches and the EduNations SSS students were all registered as campers. 


Campers participated in a range of daily activities including games, sports, competitions, themed sessions, Bible studies, prayer times, and adventure camping. 


Girl_2.jpg Adama  A. Kamara, a 10th grade student at EduNations Hope Academy Rokassa, was one of the campers this year. “Through the youth camp I have had an encounter with the Lord Jesus and I believe that there is no other name that can save me only in Jesus Christ.  Also, during the Bible studies my life was impacted with the story of Ruth, Esther and Naomi that in any situation I should never give up on my dreams.” 

Abu Jawara, a 7th grader  from EduNations Hope Academy junior school Gbenikoro shares his camp experience. “Before coming to the youth camp, I had a wrong perspective about Christianity and Jesus as the Son of God, but during the youth camp I have come to realize that only Jesus saves.”


EduNations and the EPCSL continue to be committed to sharing the Gospel and giving our students daily opportunities for spiritual development and life transformation through faith in Jesus Christ.