EduNations Takes Part in Critical Policy Discussions

Published Wed, Jun 29, 2022
Written by Sarah Pietryga

Sexual and gender-based violence is a prevalent issue in Sierra Leone that affects the daily lives of women and girls around the country. The severity of this violence significantly hinders the development and growth of women and children around the country.

Until now, discussions and debates on this issue were very limited within government and political spheres, and the lack of concentrated effort prevented the ability to successfully address these issues of gender norms and inequalities. Recently, the government of Sierra Leone, through the Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs, turned its attention to this significant issue and initiated some high-level policy discussions among various Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). 

EduNations was one of the NGOs that participated in this discussion. The dialogue was focused around strategizing a coordinated response in order to support victims of violence, promote gender equality, advocate for the rights and dignity of women and girls in society, and ensure that justice is brought to perpetrators. 

We are hopeful for how these discussions will encourage a coordinated effort between the government and NGOs to advocate for a brighter future for the women and girls of Sierra Leone.