EduNations Teacher Hired as New Microfinance Accountant

Published Wed, Jun 29, 2022
Written by Sarah Pietryga

EduNations Microfinance exists to empower individuals and small businesses in Sierra Leone through providing microloans. Recently, the Microfinance was in need of an accountant and hired EduNations’ teacher, James Yamana, to fill the role. Below is James’ story:

“I was employed by EduNations three years ago. I had wanted to work for EduNations because somebody shared the vision of the organization with me. I was willing to serve in any capacity when I first came. I told them I could work in the microfinance organization or serve as a teacher. I ended up taking the teaching role and enjoyed it a lot. I loved the company of the children and the thoroughness of the academic environment. I had been teaching Mathematics in the Junior Secondary School in Rokassa and I later started teaching Business Management and Commerce in the Senior Secondary School in Rokassa. I enjoyed teaching the children how and why to establish businesses and how to manage them. As somebody who studied computer programming and business administration,  I felt that I could use my skills to provide accounting and IT services to the microfinance organization, thereby contributing to its growth and eventually supporting the provision of free and quality education for children in remote communities through EduNations. Like teaching, my aim is reaching out to children in remote communities through education and I believe serving as the accountant and contributing to this microfinance organization will achieve that.”

We are thankful for our faithful staff, like James, who are committed to igniting hope in Sierra Leone.