EduNations Trains 134 Teachers and School Administrators

Published Wed, Sep 28, 2022
Written by Sarah Pietryga

Every day, teachers and administrators bear EduNations’ mission to inspire hope in the 3,000+ students in EduNations’ schools. Recognizing this critical role, EduNations leaders commit to ongoing training as a key to sharpening teachers’ and administrators’ skills.

This year, teachers training focused on using the Lesson Plan Manual to teach children in a way that will help them develop critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills.  Bringing theory into practice, staff learned how best to use teaching aids and technology in a systematic approach to advance students along the framework for learning known as “Bloom’s Taxonomy” (see graphic below) which advances students from basic knowledge to creative application of what they’ve learned. 

Other areas in the training included the teachers’ code of conduct, critical thinking skills for teachers, school administration and record-keeping, classroom management and education policies in Sierra Leone. The training included 12 Nursery teachers, 45 primary school teachers, 67 Secondary school teachers and 10 school administrators from EduNations' 15 schools.

While designed to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, our teachers told us they have been inspired themselves and were re-energized to inspire their students in the new school year.