"EduNations' Very Own Child" - Fatmata Turay's Story

Published Wed, May 31, 2023
Written by Sarah Pietryga

Fatmata Turay was born in the village of Rokassa and grew up in a Muslim family. Her grandfather was the eldest Islamic scholar within the community and surrounding area. 

When she was younger, Fatmata moved to Freetown to live with her aunt because her mother was facing some mental health struggles and was unable to care for her. Life in Freetown was a struggle for Fatmata. She was bullied by peers and told that she was responsible for her aunt's infertility. 

One day, a doctor in the area told Fatmata’s aunt and her family that Fatmata was the cause of her fertility. Fatmata remembers that day being one of the worst in her life, as she felt helpless, not knowing where to turn to. 

She decided to run away from her aunt’s house and go back to Rokassa because she heard of a free school that had been built there. Fatmata moved back to Rokassa and found community and support through EduNations. She got connected to the local pastor in Rokassa, who introduced her to Christ. Fatmata accepted Christ as her Savior and got involved with the local church there. 

While Fatmata’s mother continued to struggle with her mental health and was unable to be emotionally available for her, Fatmata found a family through EduNations. “I can describe myself as EduNations’ very own child,” says Fatmata. “I have developed a lot of good friendships and relationships with my fellow colleagues in school, my discipleship class, my choir group, and my teachers. My house parent has played the role of a Christian mum that I am missing.”

Fatmata did well throughout her time at Senior Secondary School and was one of the 106 students who graduated from EduNations Hope Academy this year! Fatmata has plans to become a business administrator.  “I chose that because I want to serve people and show the world that there is life and hope in Christ,” she says. “One should not give up because of some challenges that life brings on you.” 

We are excited for this next chapter for Fatmata! Thank you for igniting hope in her life.