Family Matters: Father of Six Expresses His Gratitude for EduNations

Published Sun, Aug 27, 2023
Written by Dana Kaltenberger



Here’s the story of a family from the village of Mayatta; how the free education provided by EduNations for their six children literally transformed the family.


Sorie Thoronka, the father, was born in the village of Mayatta and lives with his wife and children, with farming as livelihood. Both Sorie and his wife are also elders of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Mayatta. Sorie says he and his wife are very proud and thankful to see their children go to EduNations schools; the education their children are receiving has changed their lives. Although Sorie and his wife did not receive an aducation themselves, watching their children behave so well, read their books and take responsibilities at home and in gives them so much joy and fulfillment.


“As a family we feel very proud and grateful for the free education our children are receiving. Most importantly we don’t have to pay fees, which we could not afford! EduNations supplies them with school uniforms and learning materials. My family and I want to say a very big thank you to all the sponsors and supporters of EduNations. We will continue to support you all in prayers.”


Now, let’s learn a little about each of the children:

  1. Hitia Thoronka, 17 years old, is one of the twin daughters and an Senior Secondary School level-two (SSS2) student in the boarding school in Rokassa, Hitia’s favorite subject is financial accounting, and she hopes to be an entrepreneur. According to Hitia, she can’t wait to go back to school, “I have missed my bed, my three meals a day, and I don’t have to do any hard farm work when I am in school.”


  1. Sento Thoronka, 17, is the other twin daughter and, likewise, an SSS2 student in Rokassa. Sento’s favorite subject is the English language and she aspires to be a banker. According to Sento she is happy to go back to school because she missed her friends, and her comfortable school bed of her own (since at home she sleeps on the floor, sharing a grass mattress with her two other sisters).


  1. Tapia Thoronka, 14, is in Junior Secondary School level-three (JSS3) in Mapainda. Tapia’s favorite subject is English Literature, and he hopes to become a lawyer. Tapia said he can’t wait to be back in school, take the BECE exam at year’s end so he can enrolled in the SSS in Rokassa. His twin sisters have told him a lot of stories about the boarding school, and he can’t wait continue his education while getting to have three meals a day and lay on his own bed.


  1. John Thoronka, 11, will start JSS1 in Mapainda this September. According to John, his favorite subject is Social Studies, and he wants to be an EduNations someday. John is happy going to back to school because he will make new friends at his new school. He is also looking forward to riding the bicycles EduNations gives to students coming from far distance.


  1. Alusine Thoronka, 9, is in Prep 3 in the Primary school in Mayatta. His favorite subject is English language, and he is aspiring to be a pastor someday. Alusine is happy to go back to school since he missed his friends a lot. Also during school, he will not have to farm with his parents which is very tiring.


  1. Mabinty Thoronka, 5, is the youngest daughter is in Nursery 2 in Mayatta. Mabinty’s favorite subjects are word building and painting. Mabinty is happy to be back in school because she will get a new uniform and will eat every day in school through their school feeding program.


EduNations is a faith-based non-profit organization that builds and operates schools in under-resourced communities in Sierra Leone. Over the years EduNations’ schools have impacted thousands of students’ lives as well as the lives of their families. EduNations believes that the key to the development of these communities is education since when boys and girls learn, the lives of their families, community, and nation are transformed.