Hope for the Future - Zainab's Story

Published Wed, Apr 26, 2023
Written by Sarah Pietryga

Meet Zainab Bangura. Zainab is one of the 106 students that graduated this week from EduNations Senior Secondary Boarding School! Zainab grew up in Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown. While Zainab had access to schooling in Freetown, she faced many challenges. Due to low teacher salaries and low motivation, she was receiving low quality education. She also struggled finding reliable transportation that would take her to and from school, and fought against negative influences brought on by some of her peers. 

In 2020, Zainab learned of EduNations’ brand new Senior Secondary School that was opening and enrolled as part of EduNations’ first-ever senior secondary class in 2021. Upon joining the school, she was delighted to find a very different school culture than what she was used to.  “My friendships and relationships at the SSS have helped me build up friends,” she says. “Since I was a little bit proud before, I was never close to people, but thanks to EduNations, I now have close relationships with peers, teachers, and some of the town people.”  Her relationships with her teachers, house parents, and peers have had a positive influence on her, and she has grown morally and emotionally, even learning to joyfully contribute to household chores! 

In addition to growing emotionally, Zainab has encountered a new relationship with Jesus Christ. She came from a Muslim family and grew up with Islamic teachings. Upon enrolling at EduNations Senior Secondary School, she learned about the Christian faith for the first time and found freedom and joy as she found a relationship with Christ. She decided to follow Jesus and put her faith in salvation in Him alone. 

As Zainab graduates from EduNations, she looks forward to taking her next steps towards her career as a Computer Technology Professor. She plans on taking computer training courses and entering university to continue her studies in computer technology. We wish Zainab all the best as she graduates and pursues her next steps!