Interschool Competition

Published Wed, May 25, 2022
Written by Sarah Pietryga

Since a good education involves developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, EduNations staff think about and study different ways to encourage students to grow in those areas. This year’s 4th annual EduNations Interschool Competition once again showed itself as not only a highlight of the year, but also as an especially fruitful way to help students find new abilities after challenging themselves and their fellows.

The competition invites students from EduNations Primary and Secondary Schools to participate in a spelling bee, a quiz competition, and a persuasive debate contest.

Each Primary School sent its two best spellers to the contest and encouraged them to add even more words to their vocabulary by studying from a list of about 500 new words! The quiz competition covered a wide variety of material including questions from the Basic Education Certificate Exam, as well as current and historical national and international events.

The debate competition saw students taking on complex issues such as addressing teen pregnancy, contraception, and other moral issues. While there may not be easy answers to persistent problems, it was rewarding to see how the students approached them with reason and how well they were able to articulate their positions.

All in all, it was another rewarding day which left students, teachers, and other staff encouraged with the difference EduNations schools are making.