Looking Ahead to Higher Education: Senior Secondary Students Participate in Field Trip to Local Universities

Published Wed, Apr 24, 2024
Written by Dana Kaltenberger



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On April 9th, EduNations Hope Academy Senior Secondary Rokassa held a field trip for 11th and 12th grade students giving them the opportunity to visit local universities. 

Field trips provide hands-on learning experiences that are not possible in a classroom setting.  Students can see, touch, and interact with the objects or places they are learning about.  They can expand their critical thinking skills, explore new places, and expand their horizons.

106 EduNations students, 58 boys and 48 girls, were privileged to visit Central University and Njala University Bo Campus.  

Both universities gave orientations about their admission requirements, which includes five (5) credits or more in the areas of Mathematics and English language. Students also learned about the programs each university offers.

It was indeed a great day for our EduNations students because there as they toured the facilities of each campus. They visited the various departments, computer lab, music studio, library, radio and television stations, the various hostels (both male and female hostels).

EduNations students were given the opportunity of singing worship songs in the music studio, which is a moment they will all remember.

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“It was indeed a great experience for me to visit the various Universities in Sierra Leone. A very big thank you to EduNations for igniting hope in our lives,” said Abass Daniel Fullah SSS3.

“I was overwhelmed to visit my dream university, which is the Central University, and moreover when we visited the television station, it gave me joy because I want to become a journalist after my university, and Central University has all the facilities needed for a mass communication student,” said Kadiatu Koroma SSS2.

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