161 EduNations Students Take National Primary School Exams

Published Wed, Jun 28, 2023
Written by Sarah Pietryga

Every year, thousands of primary school students in Sierra Leone sit for the National Primary School Examination (NPSE), a standardized test that evaluates their knowledge and skills in various subjects. The exam is a crucial milestone for students as it determines whether they can progress to secondary school or not. This year, a total of 163,894 students nationwide wrote the NPSE, including 161 EduNations students!

For many students, the NPSE is a daunting experience that requires months of preparation and hard work. Some of our students have shared their experiences of writing the exam.

Isata said, “I was very nervous before the exams because I knew it was important for my future. But I studied hard and tried my best. I hope to pass and continue my education.”

Another student, Santus, said, “The exam was challenging, but I enjoyed the experience. It was a chance to show what I had learned in school and to test my knowledge.”

In conclusion, the NPSE is an important milestone for students in Sierra Leone. It represents years of hard work and dedication and our students are determined to succeed and achieve their educational goals. As one student, Fatima, said, “I know the exam is important, but I also know that my education is important. I will keep working hard and never give up on my dreams. 

Thank you for supporting our students in this important part of their educational journey!