452 Sponsorships and Counting!

Published Wed, Jun 28, 2023
Written by Sarah Pietryga

That's right! Awesome people, just like you, are sponsoring 297 nursery, primary, & junior high students,  84 senior high students' education, 40 senior high students' feeding, and 31 teachers!  For a total of 452 sponsorships!  Wow - that's amazing!  And our numbers are growing day by day! 

Why is sponsorship so important?  We're glad you asked.  

By sponsoring a student, you are able to have a personal relationship with a student in Sierra Leone, give him/her a quality education, and provide all of the school supplies they need to have a successful school year.  Your sponsored child will also receive a school uniform which creates a sense of pride, belonging, and unity that every child desires.  

By sponsoring a teacher, you are able to encourage and support a teacher by having a personal relationship with him/her, giving toward their salary, and impacting all of the students in their care.

In short, your sponsorship ignites hope!

We understand that no ONE can do everything.  But every ONE can do something!  So we are inviting you to BE THE ONE.  Be the one that sponsors a teacher.  Be the one that sponsors a student.  We are looking for 50 new sponsors by September 1st, so that we can kick off a successful school year and ignite hope in the lives of 50 more students and teachers.  Click here to learn how you can BE THE ONE who sponsors today!