Orphaned But Not Alone: Alusine's Story

Published Mon, Jul 24, 2023
Written by Dana Kaltenberger

In 2015, Alusine Kanu and his sister, Mariatu were orphaned when Ebola took the lives of both of their parents.  In fact, Alusine, Mariatu and their elderly grandmother were the only survivors in their whole family in the village of Gbenekoro.  As you can imagine, then 3rd grade Alusine and his sister struggled to survive, especially since their grandmother was too old to farm for them.


Thankfully, Alusine and Mariatu were able to enroll at the EduNations school where they received not only a free, quality education, but also nutritious meals and psychosocial support.  Although their grandmother passed away a few years ago, their education continues.


Alusine will enter 11th grade in September, studying commerce at the EduNations Hope Academy Senior Secondary School in Rokassa and lives in the boarding home within the supportive community of his peers and EduNations staff.


Alusine is one of many students who still could use a sponsor for their education.

For only $56 per month, less than $2 a day, you can sponsor a student’s education, pray for and communicate with them, and be the person that they know cares for and supports them.


To find out how to take the next step in making a difference in a child’s life by sponsoring Alusine or another student, please visit