Paying His Own Way Through Primary School - Sallu's Story

Published Tue, Jan 16, 2024
Written by Dana Kaltenberger


Sallu's parents died during the outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone leaving he and his 4 siblings to the care of their stepmother who is a poor farmer in Gbenikoro. 

As a young boy, Sallu was determined to go to school.  Without the support of parents to assist with his school fees, he decided that he would pay his own way through primary school.  He worked on his neighbors' farms for small amounts of money. Then he would pay his school charges little by little, year after year. With a great deal of resiliency and hard work, Sallu passed his national exams, completing primary school in 2022. 

Today, Sallu S. Kamara is a 17 year-old 8th grader at EduNations Hope Academy Junior Secondary School in Gbenikoro where he receives a FREE education because of the generous donations of EduNations supporters.  He no longer needs to find odd jobs to pay for his own schooling.


"One of the greatest impacts that EduNations has on me is not only providing free and quality education, but also teaching me about Christ. Through EduNations I came to know about Jesus, and I gave my life to Christ, then I became a Christian."

"Since I started attending EduNations, all I have experienced is love and care from both teachers and students. Through EduNations I had an encounter with Christ, and that was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Now I can pray by myself and read the Bible. I am so blessed to be part of EduNations."

‘I am so grateful and thankful to our donors and sponsors for their humanitarian services towards me. May God bless and protect you in Jesus’ name. Love you all." - Sallu S. Kamara