Rise Against Hunger Provides Meals for Students

Published Wed, Mar 27, 2024
Written by Dana Kaltenberger


The EduNations boarding home is a program that was designed specifically for our senior secondary school students from all the EduNations schools in the six communities. These students would have found it very difficult to continue their senior secondary school education without daily food security as their parents do not have resources to provide their meals.  As the adage goes “an empty bag cannot stand.” 

With the assistance of our U.S. staff, we were able to submit a grant to Rise Against Hunger, a growing global movement to end hunger, for food supplies for our senior secondary students.   We were pleased to be awarded this grant which provided 47,000 meal packets valued at approximately $85,000 to feed our students in the boarding home. On March 22nd, the cartons of food supplies arrived in Rokassa.  These packets are specifically formulated to provide the nutrition our students will need to keep them both mentally and physically healthy.  As a result they will improve on their academic performance and other extracurricular activities. We are so thankful to Rise Against Hunger for the generous support.


“We are so thankful for Rise Against Hunger’s generosity in providing these nutritional meal packets for our senior secondary students. EduNations is committed to educating the whole child in mind, body, soul, and spirit, and we look forward to seeing how our students will flourish, both in and out of the classroom, as a result of these nourishing meals!” - Sarah Pietryga, Development Coordinator