Scholarships for Graduates

Published Wed, May 31, 2023
Written by Sarah Pietryga

What’s next for our EduNations students now that they have graduated?  Many of them have goals of attending universities and continuing their education.  But how?  In Sierra Leone, paying for the first year of tuition to a college or university can be a roadblock to continue their education.  Second, third, and fourth year students have many scholarships available to them, but paying for the first year is a challenge.  It is with this in mind that the Yayo Weaver Scholarship Fund was created, giving an opportunity for EduNations’ most promising graduates to continue their education by receiving a scholarship for their first year of college. 

The Yayo Weaver Scholarship Fund was created in honor of Beth Weaver, former Sponsorship Coordinator, who retired from EduNations after 19 years of service.  This scholarship program gives donors the opportunity to invest in the higher education of some of the brightest and best students who graduate from EduNations Hope Academy Senior Secondary School in Rokassa.  These scholarships financially support the top EduNations students who obtain their high school diploma and wish to continue their post-secondary school education in Sierra Leone.   This year we will offer four scholarships for one year’s tuition ($500) to the top two male and top two female students from our recent graduating class. 

If you would like to give to the Yayo Weaver Scholarship fund in honor of Beth Weaver, please click here. We applaud  our students as they continue to set and achieve their educational goals. And we thank our donors for their ongoing support that propels these students forward.