Selling Soap to Make Ends Meet: Fatmata's Story

Published Tue, Dec 26, 2023
Written by Dana Kaltenberger



While she was still grieving from the loss of her mother, Fatmata L. Kamara was taken to live with her aunt in the village of Rohima.  From there she walked 12 miles every day to attend EduNations Hope Academy in the village of Rokassa.  Her mother was the main provider for their family, so after she passed, Fatmata began to make and sell laundry soap to buy food and other basic needs.  

Today, Fatmata is an 11th grader at the Senior Secondary School in Rokassa where she receives her education, boarding, and 3 meals every day.  She is grateful for how her life has been impacted.  

“My educational experience at EduNations has impacted my life so much. Before coming to EduNations it was very difficult for me to read and recall everything especially during examinations, but now at EduNations I can read and understand and also recall very well.

During my time at EduNations, I have developed and built good relationships and friendships with my fellow students and house parents which has helped me to heal from the pain and sadness of missing my mother. Now I can proudly say that I have good relationships and friends I can lean on and share things in common.

At EduNations, my Christian faith and personal relationship with Christ has developed so much through the Sunday school teaching and discipleship classes, which has made me understand more about God, His Word and the power of Jesus Christ. I now have a personal time to study God’s Word and learn more on how to grow spiritually. 

To our EduNations donors and sponsors, I would like to say thank you for helping me to achieve my dreams as a girl child and thanks for igniting hope through my education. I love you and your labor in igniting hope will be greatly appreciated.”