Something to Live For: Maseray's Story

Published Wed, May 29, 2024
Written by Dana Kaltenberger



Maseray 1.jpeg

Maseray Kamara is the youngest of four daughters, who lost both of their parents.  Living with her aunt in Mabum Station, 5-year-old, Maseray is in her first year of nursery school at EduNations Hope Academy. Her favorite subject is drawing. Maseray Kamara’s parents were farmers in the village of Mabum Station, Kolifa Rowala chiefdom in Tonkolili district of Sierra Leone.

As you can imagine, life has been very difficult for Maseray, but she is happy that EduNations has given her something to live for by providing her education, school uniform, learning materials, and love and support in a world where there is no one to call mother and father.

Losing both parents during childhood can create lifelong trauma if a child does not process his/her emotions.  EduNations provides ongoing care and counseling from our social workers and teachers who are dedicated to meeting the emotional needs of our students as well as their academic needs.

At the young age of 5, Maseray already aspires to make a difference in her village. 

“When I grow up, I want to become a medical nurse because I want to help in saving the lives of people in my community.”

Maseray’s mother died because of lack of medical care and support, and she wants to be the one who will impact the lives of people through the medical field.

To our donors and supporters, we appreciate what you are doing to impact lives in this part of the world. Please continue to ignite a spark of hope in a student like Maseray. 

When asked what she would like to say to our donors and supporters, these were Maseray’s words.

“God bless you and I love you!” – Maseray Kamara, age 5

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