Sponsored Students Joyfully Anticipate New School Year

Published Wed, Jul 27, 2022
Written by Sarah Pietryga

While sponsoring a child’s education, it can be said EduNations sponsors actually give hope! Hope not just to the child, but also to the child's family and community, who see the potential for a much brighter future after a high-quality education opens new doors into possible careers and enriched lives. 

So, while completing Junior Secondary School is a big accomplishment for children in rural Sierra Leone, attending and completing Senior Secondary School is a HUGE accomplishment. Thank you to all who made the Senior Secondary School and dormitories in Rokassa a reality!

With rapidly rising food costs, parents were asked to help pay a $20 per term subsidy for each student. While this $20 per term may seem small, most of the already struggling parents in these remote communities could not afford it. Many, many thanks to our senior secondary school sponsors, who contribute to this subsidy through their sponsorship payment.  

Here are a couple of the reactions from students joyfully learning they were being sponsored:

“O yah! I love you sponsors! This is the best news for my family!” 
Your gift fills critical gaps in my life! Now I am assured of completing my senior secondary school with free education, an equipped dormitory facility and more importantly, 3 meals a day.”

As they say “thank you” in Sierra Leone, “TENKI” to all who have made joy like this possible.