Students Take Part in National Tree Planting Day

Published Wed, Jun 29, 2022
Written by Sarah Pietryga

At the beginning of June, EduNations students took part in Sierra Leone’s National Tree Planting Day as a way to celebrate World Environment Day. Deforestation is a common practice in Sierra Leone, due to timber logging, charcoal burning, and farming practices. EduNations Hope Academy Rokassa saw this day as an opportunity to teach the students about the positive impacts of afforestation and to give back and plant trees in the school community. 

Each of the trees planted in the school compound were named after a specific board member, supporter, or administrator as a way of remembering their services to the school. Each of the trees is tended by a student with the supervision of an assigned teacher.  This gives the student the opportunity to learn more about caring for the environment and the growth of that specific tree. 

One of our student caretakers, who also happens to be studying agricultural science, had this to say: “All my life, all I knew was to cut down trees by clearing the bush for farmland, but today l want to thank the SSS school for teaching me the idea of planting trees. l will plant more because l have cut more.”  

A girl in the same department said, “l am not only planting a tree to improve my environment, but the name associated with my tree gives me additional joy. If it was not for EduNations, l wouldn’t have gone to school and wouldn’t have reached this level of education.”

We are thankful to all of you who give so that we can continue to provide education inside and outside of the classroom.