The Class of 2024 Receives Their Diplomas

Published Sun, Jun 30, 2024
Written by Dana Kaltenberger


2024 Graduates.jpg

EduNations Hope Academy Senior School (Second) Graduation Ceremony 

A ray of hope for under-resourced communities in Northern Sierra Leone.

The 2024 graduation ceremony was an amazing moment, as the second graduation for the second batch of grade twelve (12) students of the great EduNations Hope Academy Senior Secondary Boarding Home School.

This year, 117 students graduated from our senior school on June 1st 2024, and the hope of education and a brighter future was ignited. The ceremony was graced by many national leaders, development partners, parents, and other students that include; The Honorable Deputy Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education; The Mayor of Freetown City Council; the Director, NGO Directorate of Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the Director Curriculum Development, Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education; Vice Chancellor, Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science And Technology; Representatives of the Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs; the Paramount Chief of Masimira Chiefdom; the National Commission for Children; Jericho Road Ministry, representatives from Njala, and Central universities, and many other local authorities and National leaders.

 The ceremony comprised of various important components which made it colorful: the ceremony provided for departmental presentations in which the Arts students presented on the 17 ethnic groups in Sierra Leone, the commercial students did theirs on the different job careers available for them in the future, and the science students presented on the advancement of technology and innovation. All the graduates were each given a certificate with their names written on them and with a satisfying statement from the principal of the school. Certain qualifying students were given special awards for their different aspects of hard work and endurance. The grandaunts were addressed by the different invited dignitaries, the president of EduNations, and the Board chairman, Dr. Jeff Gingrich.

There were memorable moments during this year’s graduation ceremony the first of which is the proposed scholarship to the best 5 science students in WASSCE exams from Prof. Edwin J.J. Momoh, the Vice chancellor of EBKUST. Another was a practical presentation made by the science students; they invented a micro-phone system by putting together some basic local materials like araldite, cable connections and other materials. Moreover, the Mayor of Freetown made a wonderful speech in addressing the grandaunts; HARD WORK, PERSEVERANCE, AND MAINTAINING ONE’S INTEGRITY were the three key things she thoroughly and excellently spoke on.

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Having a high school diploma can have significant impacts on graduating twelve (12) grade students: a high school diploma is a fundamental requirement for most post-secondary education programs, including universities, colleges, and vocational/technical schools; without a high school diploma, students option for further education is limited, which can impact their career prospects. Completing high school can contribute to a student overall personal growth, social skills, and civic engagement; the educational and social experiences during the high school years can help develop critical thinking, problem solving, and interpersonal skills that are valuable in both personal and professional setting. Parents will be overjoying to see their children grow to the matured level of solving basic societal problems because of their high school experience.

It is absolutely amazing when we talk about this year’s successful graduation and its impact on students: therefore, it is as well good to know there are people whom God uses to make all these things possible. If that is so, we wholeheartedly extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all donors who are working very hard to see the holistic growth of these children. You are a great blessing to us, the staff & children of Sierra Leone again say “TENKI."


By Michael Turay,  Education Secretary