The Crossroads Foundation Sends Supplies

Published Tue, Jan 30, 2024
Written by Dana Kaltenberger



EduNations was happy to receive an award from a grant that our team had submitted to the Crossroads Foundation. The award came in the form of a shipping container filled with supplies from Hong Kong.   

The Crossroads Foundation is a charity organization that is based in Hong Kong that distributes reliefs and other critical materials to people in need in different parts of the world. Crossroads mainly conducts its business by working through other nonprofit organizations to reach under-resourced communities around the world. We learned about the Crossroads Foundation through one of our NGO partners in Sierra Leone, Village Bicycle Project. 

In this container, EduNations received various items from Crossroads including relief clothing for our students and staff, children development materials, furniture for our schools, medical supplies, kitchen materials for the boarding home, computers, computer accessories and bicycles. 

The materials are critical in augmenting our operations including enhancing food provision in the boarding home, improving the lives of our students and staff. The project contributes to our budget in the areas of school furniture, IT lab materials, hospital supplies and bicycles. 

“We, the teachers of EduNations, are pleased to see that through EduNations and other partners we are not only supported with teaching and learning materials but we also receive clothing and other necessities as we work remote communities. We wish to thank the donors for their generosity and provision toward the development of our country through education.”  Daniel Fofanah, teacher

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