The Job of a Lifetime - Mariama's Story

Published Wed, Jun 28, 2023
Written by Sarah Pietryga

Mariama Jabbie is one of the many extraordinary teachers at EduNations Senior Secondary Boarding School. She teaches 10th-12th grades and is also a House Parent who lives in the dormitories and oversees the students in her care. 

Mariama started teaching at EduNations in 2022. Prior to working at EduNations, Mariama was a Housemaid. Mariama did not enjoy her job at all. She was underpaid, undervalued, and frequently mistreated by her former boss. However, Mariama needed to earn an income in order to support herself and her family, so she continued working there. 

In 2022, Mariama found out about EduNations and decided to apply for a teaching position at the senior secondary school. Mariama went through the interview process and was offered a teaching position for 10th-12th grades, which she gladly accepted. Mariama packed up all her belongings and moved to the village of Rokassa, where she began working. In addition to her teaching duties, Mariama decided to take on the extra responsibility of becoming a House Parent, where she would live in the dormitories and oversee some of the female senior secondary students. 

Mariama now feels so much more fulfilled in her position with EduNations. She loves playing a role in her students’ lives and enjoys spending time with the girls in her care. Recently, Mariama found out that she received a sponsor from the US who would help support her salary. To know that somebody else from the US was committed to covering the cost of her salary made Mariama much more motivated and committed to her job at EduNations. 

Mariama feels blessed and happy to know that she now has a sponsor supporting her from afar, just like she supports and cares for her students. “I want to say a big thank you [to my sponsor],” says Mariama.  “God bless you!”