The Spark of Hope Begins in Nursery School

Published Wed, May 29, 2024
Written by Dana Kaltenberger

nursery. class.jpg

The spark of hope begins in Nursery School.  Students arrive at 3, 4, or 5 years old excited to go to school for the first time.  Like most children their age, they want to play, have fun and make friends.  Our EduNations nursery school classrooms stand out providing an array of creative and engaging activities to educate these young ones.   

At EduNations, our nursery schools aim to develop the whole child in a nurturing environment. The nursery curriculum is based on educational games, individual learning, and group learning experiences.

We use early childhood education methods which encompass six learning areas including Math, Literacy, Block, Arts, Pretend, and Discovery.  Implementing these methods accelerates learning and prepares students for future education in primary school and beyond.

EduNations currently operates five Nursery (Kindergarten) schools across the five districts in Sierra Leone. Each nursery school consists of two classes that are labeled as kindergarten one (K1) and kindergarten two (K2).  Each classroom is built to contain fifty (50) students and a proposed estimate of 100 students per school. Therefore, the average class size is between 40 - 50 students based on admission and one teacher is allocated to a class.

When they are admitted to nursery school, most often they start by speaking their mother language called the L1. As they continue schooling in the fourth week, the teacher introduces them to the official language which is the English. The teachers are required to translate words that the pupils may not understand into their L1 to foster understanding. So English is introduced right from beginning, but students gain more understanding as they climb the ladder of education.


Sarah 1.jpg Sarah K Kamara a K2 pupil in EduNations Hope Academy Nursery School said “I like school because, we visit the library and watch pictures and our teacher is so fond of us.“
Augustine 1.jpg Augustine Koroma a K2 pupil said, “I like going to school because I have a lot of friends there.”