Top Graduates Shine Bright

Published Mon, Oct 23, 2023
Written by Dana Kaltenberger

The “Yayo” (Mama) Weaver Scholarship was just announced to great excitement at this year’s first ever graduation from the EduNations’ Senior-Secondary School in Rokassa. Named in honor of “Yayo” Beth Weaver, who served for over 15 years as the coordinator of EduNations’ student scholarship program, the “Yayo” will fund college education for the most outstanding students from the graduating class. Joiin us in congratulating Alusine Kamara, Abdulai O. Koroma, Mariatu Kargbo, and Isatu Kumara as they were the top students of the Class of 2023 and have each been awarded the Yayo Weaver Scholarship!


In rural Sierra Leone, Senior-Secondary School graduation alone is rarely dreamt of, so receiving a scholarship to study at UNIVERSITY was beyond hope. Let’s hear from the four (4) students who were the first recipients of the Yayo Weaver Scholarship:


Abdulai O. Koroma, from Rokassa, graduated as the best male student with an aggregate score of 26. Mr. Koroma will be studying Medicine at the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, University of Sierra Leone in Freetown.  “Receiving this scholarship has given me a sense of hope and confidence for my future. It has lifted a huge burden off my shoulders and allowed me to focus on my studies instead of worrying about how to pay for my education. To the donors, thank you for investing in my potential and believing in my dreams.”
WhatsApp_Image_2023-10-13_at_9.42.30_AM_(1).png Isatu F. Kamara, from the village of Gbenekoro, graduated as the best female student with an aggregate score of 25 in the last West African Senior Secondary School examinations. Ms. Kamara will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in microbiology at the Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology in Makeni.  “This scholarship means everything to me. It is not about the financial assistance, but it is also about the recognition of my hard work and dedication. I am grateful to the donors who believed in me and make this possible.”


Mariatu Kargbo, from Mayatta, was second-best female student, and scored an aggregate of 27. “As a first-generation college student, this scholarship means the world to me. It is a symbol of the sacrifices EduNations has made for me and the opportunities that education can bring. I am deeply grateful to the donors who have given me this chance and promise to make the most of it.”


WhatsApp_Image_2023-10-13_at_9.42.31_AM_(1).png Alusine Kamara, from Mapainda, was second-best male student, and also scored a 27. “I cannot express how grateful I am to receive this scholarship. It is a testament to the power of generosity and the impact it can have on someone’s life. To the donors, thank you for making a difference in my life and allowing me to pursue my passion without financial barriers.”

EduNations is inexpressibly proud of these students for their remarkable achievements at our schools and in gaining admission to university. Their hard work, dedication, and perseverance have paid off, and they are now on their way to pursuing even greater things. We are honored to have played a role in their academic journey and look forward to learning what they will accomplish in their futures.