Sustainable Water Harvesting Project

We are thankful to have wells in each of our communities,  but access to water continues to be a challenge in these rural areas of Sierra Leone.  During the dry season, our wells cannot handle the demand for water needed by our students, staff, and community members in Rokassa.  In an effort to alleviate the demand on these wells, we have initiated the Sustainable Water Harvesting Project.  Each of the dormitories in Rokassa will be outfitted with 2 - 10,000 liter collection tanks which will serve as reservoirs for the rain water harvested from the roof tops during the rainy season.  This water will be reserved for use during the dry season in order to supplement the supply of water needed for cooking and dishwashing, as well as hygiene and sanitary purposes.   This project will not only serve 375 senior secondary students but will also directly impact the house parents, teachers, and support staff.  By harvesting this water within the dormitory compound, the Rokassa community along with students and teachers from our other three schools in Rokassa will also benefit from this project with a total impact of over 1,000 individuals daily. 

This is an urgent need as we are currently in the rainy season and want to have this new system in place before the start of our 2023/2024 school year in September.  Your gift is an investment in helping the community of Rokassa achieve sustainable access to clean water.  

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