EduNations now offers Student and Teacher Sponsorships! 

Student $35/MONTH Provides education of a Nursery, Primary, or Junior Secondary School student
Senior Secondary Boarding Student $56, $66, or $122/MONTH Provides education and/or feeding costs of a Senior Secondary Boarding student
 Teacher $51/MONTH  Provides the salary of an EduNations Teacher for 1 week 



Student Sponsorship

Every child deserves an opportunity to learn.  You can ignite hope in a child's life through sponsorship! Sponsoring an EduNations’ student offsets the costs related to supporting the selected student’s education, including tuition, school supplies, psychosocial support, sanitary latrines, and fresh drinking water. As a sponsor, you also have the opportunity to communicate with your student through our message portal. Our students LOVE knowing that they have a sponsor who is supporting their education and praying for them! See available sponsorships below!

Student Sponsorship FAQ's




Senior Secondary Boarding Student Sponsorship

Receiving a high school diploma is a great honor for our students.  After finishing 9th grade in one of our EduNations Junior Secondary Schools, our students have the opportunity to attend our Senior Secondary Boarding School in Rokassa.  10th, 11th, and 12th grade students from various communities come together to live in our EduNations dormitories and study together to pursue their high school diplomas.   Senior Seconday Boarding Students Sponsorships provide education and/or boarding to our high school students allowing them to achieve their academic goals.  Your sponsorship encourages your student to work and study to the best of their ability as they witness your love and support. See available sponsorships below!




Teacher Sponsorship

We can't educate students without teachers!  We seek to hire the most well-qualified teachers and retain them by paying them in full and on time.  As you can imagine this is one of our most critical needs.  The impact of this sponsorship has an immediate domino effect.  By sponsoring a teacher, you are in turn giving to all of the students that they teach!  If you choose to sponsor a teacher, 100% of your gift goes directly toward the selected teacher's salary.  Each sponsorship is divided into (4) $51 shares.  One share provides a teacher's salary for one week.  You may choose to sponsor more than one share for your selected teacher if you so desire.  See available sponsorships below. 

Teacher Sponsorship FAQ's


Available Sponsorships


Days Waiting: 343

Age: 17