Student Sponsorship

$35/month for the education of a nursery, primary, or junior secondary school student


You can ignite hope in a child's life through sponsorship! Sponsoring an EduNations’ student offsets the costs related to supporting the selected student’s education, including tuition, school supplies, psychosocial support, sanitary latrines, and fresh drinking water.  See available sponsorships below!    Student Sponsorship FAQ's


 Senior Secondary Boarding Student Sponsorship

$56/month for education, $66/month for feeding, or $122/month for both


You can propel a high school student to finish their education and receive their high school diploma.  The sponsorship of these students is critical to their future success.  You may choose to sponsor their education or feeding as they live on campus at our EduNations Hope Academy Senior Secondary Boarding School in Rokassa.  See available sponsorships below.

Teacher Sponsorship

$51/month for 1 share OR $204/month for full sponsorship


By sponsoring a teacher, you are in turn giving to all of the students that they teach!  100% of your gift goes directly toward the selected teacher's salary.  Each sponsorship is divided into (4) $51 shares.  One share provides a teacher's salary for one week.  You may choose to sponsor more than one share for your selected teacher if you so desire.  See available sponsorships below. Teacher Sponsorship FAQ's 

Start changing a life now!  Choose a student or teacher below. 

Available Sponsorships

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