Healthcare Program

We support the health and wellness of every child by providing access to healthcare.  A central medical clinic in Rokassa is accessible for a majority of our students.  Other students are provided with transportation to nearby community clinics.  Emergency care and treatment are also made available for all students. 

Pillars:  Physical Development



March 27, 2024

  Jericho Road Ministries, a medical NGO, and EduNations began partnering in 2015 to address the growing healthcare needs of EduNations students, teachers, and the Rokassa community at large by establishing the Orfonthy Community Health Ce...


April 27, 2022

While even people in developed countries can “knock on wood” in superstitious practices, in Sierra Leone it’s very common for people to really believe malevolent spirits or witchcraft as the cause of many a common malady which me...


April 27, 2022

In developed countries, good community and occupational health and safety practices are well established practices, but not in rural Sierra Leone. So, when the NGO “JSB Safety Solution Limited Salone” offered to come to Rokassa to prov...


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