Qualified Teachers

We strive to hire the most qualified teachers with excellent work ethics and passion for teaching.  We retain these teachers by compensating them with a competitive salary and paying them in full and on time each month.  This may seem like a commonplace practice, but there are many schools in developing countries who are challenged in paying their teachers in a timely manner.  As a result, many schools experience high teacher turnover rates.  Dedicated teachers often find it necessary to seek other employment where they can be compensated appropriately.  

Our teachers are on the front lines of comprehensive education in our schools.  They are the heart of all we do.

Pillars:  Intellectual Development, Psychosocial Development



September 28, 2022

Every day, teachers and administrators bear EduNations’ mission to inspire hope in the 3,000+ students in EduNations’ schools. Recognizing this critical role, EduNations leaders commit to ongoing training as a key to sharpening teacher...


August 31, 2022

Summer camps are broadly recognized for their positive impact on young people and Christ-centered camps can have a much deeper impact. But till very recently, such camps were simply not known in Sierra Leone. Recognizing Christian camps as a key ...


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Save the Teachers

Save the Teachers!  Did you know that EduNations employs 148 teachers in Sierra Leone?  We strive to hire the m...

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